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    North West News Update

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    Latest from the North West Region
    We now have North West News online within the BN North West News Page which can be continually updated with regular newsy material as supplied by members. There will also be a Newsletter dropping into your email inbox, if you have subscribed, with links to updated items within this online version. Anyone wishing to update me can do so by emailing me at: nwnewsletter@bn.org.uk
    Should you wish to quickly view forthcoming Swim dates etc or write articles about your club or an event for publication, you can now do so and these can be viewed via This link.
    Blackpool selling fast!
    The Blackpool weekend is still available but selling out fast! There are a few rooms left but please be sure to grab one soon to avoid disappointment. Follow this link to book. The dates are February 28th – March 2nd
    BN, YBN, fellow members are most welcome to join us & open the 2019 festive season in our own unique style. Featuring the popular 'bring and share' buffet.
    More media exposure for the Wigton swim!
    When the nude Saturday afternoon swim at Wigton was confirmed as a regular event, the local paper sent intrepid reporter Roger Lytollis along to meet swimmers and get the scoop. As the swim approached its first anniversary BN decided to invite Roger to write about the swim again - and he did, as you can read here. Local papers are always looking for interesting - dare we say, unusual, stories. We hope that other clubs and swims will consider raising their profile and their attendances in this
    The Party of the Year?
    British Naturism ran a fantastic event at Alton Towers a few weeks ago - amazingly our thirteenth such weekend. Coming to the North West for a entire weekend of social nudity is the thing to do! You can read all about it AND book for next year…
    Our 2020 Vision…
    We’re already looking forward to fantastic events and gatherings in the North West in 2020, including a night at Waterworld waterpark, Stoke in April, a riverboat party on the Shropshire Union canal in May, a rural retreat near Windermere in July and a families event at Liverpool in August. Find all the details at www.bnevents.co.uk
    …and follow this link for all events in the region, including all the regular swims. See you there! https://www.bn.org.uk/regions/northwest/
    Amended swim dates
    ·        Due to repair work at the Northgate Arena, the Wirralnats Chester weekly swim has now been postponed until the 4th January. Their belated Xmas pool party will now be on the 11th January. Advance bookings only. ·        The Worsley North West Naturist’s final swim of 2019 will be on the 21st December and will incorporate their Xmas party. View North West News online
       Ron O’Hare (Editor, NW News) 

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    Expanding GBSD in the North West and beyond!
    Ever thought you could possibly make a difference by volunteering to help and always wanted to get involved with helping British Naturism move forward in our region? If so there are lots of venues out there that haven’t yet been approached to hold naked swimming sessions in their swimming pools. If we don’t knock on doors they won’t open! There are currently too few volunteers attempting to expand and create within a region  that stretches from Birmingham to the Borders and from Macclesfield to Millom!
    Although The GBSD campaign is flourishing and now an all year round campaign,, we really need more people to help out throughout all of our region and beyond, probing for new venues here and there, asking local pools or lidos if they can accommodate us for a Great British Skinny Dip event and eventually encouraging venues into welcoming us on a monthly basis. If you feel you can make a difference in the region, you will have enormous back up support and find Team GBSD inspirational to work with, as I have found myself.
    Interested, but not confident enough to make an approach? Then we will support you all the way by making the official ground breaking initial contact until you want to become involved. Have you seen a sparsely populated swimming pool recently? Then why not ask about turning this quiet period, which most venues have, into a Naturist session. That’s exactly how the Wigton swim was created – A venue run by Trustees with a cash shortage will always listen to alternative ways of raising cash and the Wigton Trustees certainly have no regrets. Alternatively, if you want to pass on to me a suggested venue and don’t wish to get involved, then please do so. I will check out all suggestions and follow all leads.
    View North West News online
    Ron O’Hare (Campaigns Task Force)
    Email: campaigns@bn.org.uk

    Spectrum Naturist Club – A weekly swim gem!
    Having a business rendezvous in Birmingham, we decided to take the chance to visit the superbly rated Spectrum swim, a club based on the south side of Birmingham and one we hadn’t covered previously. The club meets every Saturday evening in the Morris Centre which is the leisure facility for NHS staff at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.
    Transport to the site is excellent. The University Railway station on the Cross City line is a mere 500 metres away, and a free car park is a similar distance away. For anyone with special needs there’s a disabled car park opposite the Morris Centre. The site is also well served by buses.
    On arrival we were met by friendly members of the club and relieved of a mere £5.00 each for the evening. We were shown around and discovered the Centre has a 22 metre pool, two saunas, two squash courts and a large gym. We could be naked everywhere except in the gym. Along the end of a corridor we discovered what is known as the dance studio. This is an important room for the club which becomes a social hub where free refreshments are available at every meeting.
    On one Saturday a month the room is used for a naked yoga session and on another tai chi. On a further evening the club has a social evening with a different food theme. Examples have been strawberries and cream, Italian, casseroles and Mexican evening. We were told these evenings are always popular and for an addition entrance charge of three pounds each, sounds like great value too!
    We asked about the membership and ambitions of the club and we were told the club has over 150 members and lately more ladies have joined with their partners, although like most clubs, men are in the majority. The weekly attendance varies between 30 and on a busy night 60. The club does not discriminate. We asked if visitors could just turn up at the door and were informed the membership secretary needed to be contacted first. This is due to an agreement with the Centre Management. The one thing the club misses which was available at their previous venue, now demolished, is a steam room. The club are hoping this will be a project for the Centre in time.
    The club keeps in touch with its members by email and a monthly newsletter. They also have a presence on Facebook.
    Originally the Centre was apprehensive about the club advertising its presence outside the naturist community. The Great British Skinny Dip proved to be a small breakthrough as the club were allowed to advertise the event within the Centre. Not only was that evening a success, there is now a permanent poster about the club on the Centre notice board. There was also a short article about naturism in the Birmingham Evening Mail, which included a mention of the club.
    We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Spectrum and will return at the first opportunity to this super friendly club. If you’d like to visit you will find the club details at www.spectrumclub.org.uk and in the listing inside the BN magazine and on the BN website.
    View North West News online
    Ron & Elizabeth O'Hare.

    Happy Birthday Wigton! 
    Yes, the Wigton Naturist swim, which is now a permanent monthly Great British Skinny Dip, is almost 12 months old and still going strong. The locals are now supporting this swim in their numbers, taking over the initiative, which was well supported initially by the many friends we have in the North West and Saner regions. The swim still offers amazing value at just £5 per person - please bring I.D. for your first visit.
    The inaugural trial swim was held on the 10th of November 2018 and attracted 53 Naturist from all over the North of England and Scotland. On the approach to the first event, expertly written press releases were distributed from the BN Commercial office, which led to Radio interviews for myself as promoter and a superbly positive interview with Roger Lytolliss from Newsquest in December. The article printed in the Cumbrian News and Star was inspirational and helped to propel the swim positively into 2019.
    I have recently spoken to Roger and asked him if he would be interested in covering the anniversary with a follow up article, he is currently writing the report after I updated him on the progress made, with attendances now in the 20’s replacing the ‘clothed swims’ which attracted only half a dozen at best.
    I must say a huge ‘thank you’ to everyone who supported this venture, without your assistance it would have been almost impossible. We hope to see you again on the 9th November when we will be attempting to take in the Wigton GBSD from 2 till 4 pm followed by the Poulton Naturist swim & Spa on the same evening from 7 till 9 pm.
    View North West News online
    Ron O’Hare (Campaigns Task Force)

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