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    NW Outreach group

    By Guest, in North West,

    The North West Outreach group - leading us out of restrictions incrementally with many outdoor events and the September relaunch of the successful Wigton Naturist swim….
    With the Beacon Tarn Naked walk and skinny dip and a first ever organised beach day at Roanhead beach near Barrow in Furness under our belts – the latter was well documented by the local paper ‘The Barrow Mail’ and a positive interview drew plenty of attention to our right to take off our clothes on any beach, despite a local councillor saying we would perhaps disturb the wildlife! Due to popular demand we are to revisit Beacon Tarn on the 19th September, but before that we have the Morfa Dyffryn annual beach day on 5th September – more information can be found on North West News online. -  Updated daily. 
    Naked swimming returns to the Wigton Pool !
    After 5 long months without a swim, this ‘Great British Skinny Dip’ associated swimming pool – Wigton, are reopening their doors and welcoming back Naturist swimming again every second Saturday in the month - beginning on the 12th September 2020 2-4pm. There is a limit of 27 swimmers to comply with social distancing, so be sure to ring the Wigton pool and book your spot. Please bring photo I.D. and proof of address if it’s your first visit. Ladies visiting for the first time can contact the North West ‘Women in Naturism’ campaign coordinator -  Elizabeth via email for a personal welcome.  
    Wigton Pool T. 016973 42412 
    North West Clubs opening their doors for visitors.
    We now have several North West clubs opening their doors for visitors,  with one particular club leading the way by inviting visitors to join on the first ever visit! Yes, you can visit Morecambe Bay Naturist Club by appointment and become members immediately! Please be sure to book in advance by emailing MBNC enquiries -  BN members can email the Chairman direct.
    M. 07467 24 66 90
    Liverpool Sun & Air are accepting visitors, please visit their website for more info about this modern British Naturism supportive club.
    M. 07947 48 07 07.
    Ashdene Naturist Club (Just over the border) are welcoming visitors, but be sure to book in advance to visit this premier Naturist club, as visitor numbers are limited. There are 3 club caravans available to hire, but only to members at present, due to restrictions.
    M. 07519 95 28 07
    Telford Naturist Club Visitors are welcome again with their own unit, but they must use their own toilet and shower. Day visits are not yet possible. Please be sure to book in advance.
    M. 07760 61 83 67.
    Lancashire Sun are accepting visitors too - see the ‘visitor page’ on their website.
    See the 'Clubs' page on North West News online. for up to date news on Club visits.
    Ron O’Hare 

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    Walking Naked out of ‘Lock down’.
    We are all frustrated by the shortage of events... and the seemingly never ending closure of Leisure centres and limitations at our landed clubs, but we are now finding alternative ways of getting our kits off and the most popular one seems to be Naked walking. The interest in Naked walking has risen enormously during recent weeks as opportunities have appeared since the government restrictions were lifted on numbers, albeit in groups of six with 2 metres social distancing applied.
    There are many quiet country walks that are possible to complete clothes free, but we all have different views on how these are performed. Some colleagues will wear a kilt with Velcro fasteners and cover up when meeting non - Naturists, others carry a towel to avoid causing alarm or distress, whether this is necessary at all is debatable, but opinions vary. I would think that this would be appreciated when families are encountered – just my opinion.
    One thing is for certain - Naked walking is fast becoming extremely popular, so I decided to try this myself. I couldn’t believe the interest that was generated when I used the BN forum to ask members to register for the annual ‘Beacon Tarn’ Naked walk and skinny dip. After clearing this with the local police who didn’t have a problem with it, we managed to attract a good few Naturists despite the inclement weather we had experienced recently. The expert advice from the former leader of the Beacon Tarn walk/skinny dip was invaluable.
    I was pleasantly surprised at the way our body temperature automatically adapts to being naked outside, even during cool damp conditions, also the liberating feeling of total freedom enjoyed by walking clothes free - it really is amazing and immensely exhilarating! Being with fellow Naturists, some familiar and some we had never met previously, we quickly familiarised ourselves with these new friends. As a result we now have a WhatsApp group to arrange more of these walks/skinny dips.
    Ron O’Hare. 
    The following advice is for ‘would be’ walk leaders - from our experienced walk leader and BN North West coordinator - John Rodgers
    When planning a possible route, I start by looking at an O.S map (or O.S maps online) of the area concerned. My aim is normally as follows.
    ·        Find a route of around 9 - 11miles long (obviously the distance planned can vary to the leader and the intended walkers)
    ·        One that passes through attractive countryside.
    ·        Avoids going through villages as far possible.
    ·        Avoids crossing / walking along major roads.
    ·        With minimal walking on narrow country lanes.
    ·        Identify a suitable start / finish point, with sufficient car parking for the numbers expected.
    ·        If possible maybe start / finish at a pub.
    If something looks promising on the map, I then walk it on the ground. Normal experience shows that it can take two or three visits to sort a route out, and sometime it ends up being rejected due to factors found on the ground. The final walk would take in the whole route. Suitable places for lunch and tea stops can also be identified. This approach is essential in my view if you are taking a large group. A small party (say less than six) might be happy with the odd “hiccup” where the survey has been a little less thorough.
    I would not, in normal circumstances advise the police, and I never have so far.
    Experience shows that walks that take say 5 hours solo of with one other, will probably take at least 6 hours with a larger group.
    I would also add that from a personal point of view, I would rather cover up to pass through a village, if that made the overall route more attractive, than go for a less interesting option that allowed more nudity.
    I would suggest that the status of the walk needs to be clear. Is it an official BN one, or just a case of “walking with friends” as mine generally are. If you are leading a walk, then it is advisable that you at least carry a basic first aid kit.
    John Rodgers.
    Forward with Solway Sun Club.
    Super Solway Sun Club is a shining example of how an ‘off grid’, landed club can operate without a problem and actually thrive and move forward due to the intelligent usage of efficient solar energy. Most caravan and chalet owners have installed solar technology and often forget they are actually ‘off grid’! It’s even possible to watch TV, if that’s your preference, but the norm at Solway is to socialise clothes free. There is no better place to be at one with nature and walking around the orbital nature trail naked is a stunning experience!
    This beautiful club, close to Carlisle and only a few miles from the M6 motorway, with its marvellous topography, is situated approximately 90 minutes from Glasgow and Preston – Newcastle being just an hour’s drive away. Solway attracts members from all these areas and far beyond, providing a variety of local accents and traditions which always fascinated us when we were members there. The club provides a great stopping off point for Naturists travelling further afield, Solway also attracts many touring Naturist campers from the Continent. Membership of British Naturism is compulsory for members, but not for visitors. Check out their new website.
    Looking ahead to the coming months, their young, go-ahead committee have huge plans to improve facilities by looking at a complete refurbishment of the facilities block. Also, tests will be underway soon on a new system to heat the fabulous outdoor pool and due to the improvements in the efficiency  and affordability of solar energy, it is expected that the temperature of the pool can be raised by as much as 7 or 8 degrees on a sunny summer’s day.
    Visitors are welcome during the season and Solway can accommodate such visitors in their 2 club caravans (bookable in advance) – day visits and overnight visits can be booked online (post Covid 19). Visits with tents or small camper vans are possible but, unfortunately, touring caravans are not permitted due to site licence restrictions. There is a sauna, a fully equipped kitchen and a clubhouse with a log burner installed for those perfect Naturist evenings, alternating between the sauna and the clubhouse. The club is also dog friendly and just 15 miles from Cumbria’s only monthly Great British Skinny Dip venue - the Wigton Pool.
    The annual club birthday weekend this year will be their 65th and is planned to take place on the Bank holiday weekend in August, Covid-19 permitting. Elizabeth and I are still hopeful of enjoying a weekend up there in the late summer or next summer, collaborating with the committee to create a super GBSD event and enjoying the gorgeous evening walks along picturesque country lanes totally devoid of traffic.
    The wildlife surrounding and embracing this stunningly scenic part of the most delightful county in England, is unbelievable. Red deer can often be seen in adjacent fields, red squirrels are prevalent and bird watching becomes a favoured pastime for many visitors,  with buzzards and kestrels commonplace. I hope you can find the time to experience this fabulous ‘back to nature’ club with the English lakes and Hadrian’s wall  right on the doorstep’.
    Ron O’Hare (North West News).


    By Guest, in North West,

    Looking beyond COVID 19…
    It’s certainly difficult to predict how long it will be before we can return to enjoying our Naturist lifestyle to the full extent again but what exactly will have changed? We all enjoy flying to a warmer climate and sunbathing naked but will the appetite be there to board an aircraft or book a cruise so readily in the foreseeable future? This is probably doubtful - or at best, debatable.
    The majority of people I speak to say they would be very reluctant to simply return to booking foreign holidays immediately, sitting shoulder to shoulder with fellow travellers, so will our British based events, clubs and swims profit from this? I believe that is entirely in our hands, but as a former club membership secretary, I am fully aware that the window of recruitment for clubs is a limited one, from around April to August for most landed clubs unless they have an indoor pool of course. So for most of these clubs to take advantage of this obviously depends on how long this ‘lock down’ situation continues… 
    The many Naturist swim locations across Britain could benefit from increased attendances all year round and the GBSD campaign could expand exponentially with increased promoting. Online events have already become popular and they will no doubt be here to stay. We have already seen a welcome increase in BN member numbers, but considering there are around four million Naturists in the UK and there are less than nine thousand members within BN, then we  obviously have a massive opportunity to expand long term -  post ‘lockdown’. This NW webpage contains a list of all the north west clubs, swims and events.  
    Looking further forward, there will certainly be many opportunities for both clubs and swims to capitalise on this unique opportunity to recruit by taking advantage of their club’s BN membership and using the free magazine space and webpages - utilising online articles that are widely available for clubs and swims. Your regional co-ordinator’s contact address is displayed in the BN magazine. The clubs with the closer connections to British Naturism will obviously be in an advantageous position, ready for the influx of visitors, should they arrive! 
    New initiatives and promotions can be utilised, such as 'club open days’ and clubs could attempt to redress the gender balance by engaging in the ‘Women in Naturism’ campaign, such as promoting a ‘women visit free’ month during the quieter periods. ‘Solos’ weekends’ are always well attended and ‘Families’ weekends’ can also be popular - The latter went well when I trialled them. If you wish to write an article about your club, just send it to me and I will insert it into the north west webpages or this north west newsfeed page. 
    Swim venues could throw open their doors wider by adopting the same procedures that Team GBSD are currently operating, such as ‘Just turn up with I.D. on the day’ or the ‘Ladies visit for free’ initiative which we have recently trialled successfully at some GBSD events as part of our ‘Women in Naturism’ campaign. For swims and beach events which include the annual Morfa Dyffryn GBSD skinny dip, (now rescheduled for September 5th), there are many positives that can be taken from a situation that British based Naturists are wanting to stay closer to home, eager to enjoy Naturism in beautiful Britain! 
    Ron O’Hare (North West News).
    mailto: nwnewsletter@bn.org.uk

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