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North West  1509 - Nationally 8588 

The NW Miniten event at Liverpool and the NW Petanque event at Lancashire Sun are both cancelled

All NW swims are now cancelled until further notice. The North West committee & open meetings to be held at Liverpool Sun & Air on the 19th April - have now been postponed.


Carry on Campaigning - Tell one person from home.  Read more


Women in Naturism - Ladies admitted free. -


  Campaigning remotely

Despite the devastating effect that the coronavirus has had on our events schedule and our daily routines, the 'Just One Person' campaign is very much alive and kicking, with updates featuring regularly on the BN Member's forum. We are now on page 29 and they still keep coming! This inspiring campaign is going from strength to strength and it is a great way of attempting to spread the word and it is surely helping with recruitment during these trying times for Naturism. Have you engaged with others outside of our community? Give it a go, then let us know - it really does make for interesting and ongoing conversation!

BN Membership - join/re-join online 

If you are viewing this page as a non-member why not visit this page and read through the many benefits and discounts we have to offer for very little money! Join today from only £11 per person (prices are age related).

Keep busy with BN  

Stoke Waterworld is coming. 

Event now rescheduled for September 26th. 

Another major north west swim waterpark event is on the horizon - Stoke Waterworld is the biggest waterpark event in

the BN calendar and we look forward to revisiting in September.

Tickets can be purchased via this link. prices are....BN Members £18 - Naturist Club Members, Associates and other Naturists £24.
Glad to report the Sandcastle was another marvellous event, with hundreds of mostly familiar faces enjoying a great event.

Upcoming swims...  

All the North West swims are now cancelled until further notice.

Hopefully coming soon! A new swim in East Lancs.

Venue TBA on the Forum soon - 1st swim 16th May - Doubtful

Next Penketh date 29th May 7-9pm. - Doubtful

The above dates could change.


As part of a new general national outreach campaign we are attempting to connect the general BN membership to regional events and take an interest in finding new venues on your doorstep.  Whether it be an idea for a Great British Skinny Dip event at your local pool, or one you have in mind - a Naked Dining evening or maybe a Naked Yoga session that you wish to set up and don't quite know how to proceed with arrangements. 

We are also now actively looking for Lidos for events connected to the BHF charity

Want to contribute an article to this website?

Contact:  ron.ohare@bn.org.uk

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