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Join the Iconic 'Cross Morecambe Bay' NAKED Walk

Sunday 20th June 2021 - BN Members £17.25

This will be a 7 mile walk over varying terrain that includes wading across Kent river, which has an average depth of 2 feet for 50 meters. As such, the guides recommend that the walk is not suitable for children or those with impaired mobility.

Tickets now on sale here.


Join our growing WhatsApp group - now with a website and Monthly Zoom meetings. 


All Naturists are welcome  - For full details email: nwnews@bn.org.uk



If you are interested in attending or organising a beach clean-up day which could further Naturist usage. 
This initiative also includes Rivers and Green Spaces. 


View the BN/BHF/ Alliance venues

We now have over 50 Possible venues.

Latest on the Swims...

Wigton are to resume on the 10th July - Penketh also in July.

Read the latest from the N.W. - W.I.N. coordinator on the NW Rep's page.

We have no news on the Worsley, Penketh, Chester or Poulton swims resuming just yet.

A great 'Meet up on Demand' offer from the INA - See their page

Current BN Membership Numbers

Nationally 9085

North West region  1601

'Homepage' updated 18/06 @ 23.05


Cautiously Walking Naked out of 'Lock down'.....


2021 Walking Naked Outdoors...  Read More.


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