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  • Be Naked Day

  • What is it?

    This is a current campaign, arising from a grass roots idea of BN members, many of whom have volunteered to help run it. It is aimed at declaring 5th August 2017 to be National Be Naked Day.   

    National Be Naked Day is admittedly an ‘off the cuff’ experiment. But, nothing ventured nothing gained, and there are few (if any) risks, and almost no costs for potentially some very useful PR.


    Why are we doing it?

    The intention is to exploit the natural curiosity of The Media about nudity, to give us free publicity to put our point of view over to the non-naturist public. We will be suggesting that people who have never thought of spending time naked try it for a first time in whatever place and way suits their circumstances.


    What do we hope to achieve?

    • An encouragement for people to have a no-risk go at nudity.
    • To challenge the assumptions that clothing is compulsory, normal and better than nudity.


    What is involved?

    We can suggest some of the things this might involve such as sun bathing, gardening, housework, swimming, rambling, watching TV, doing things in the hobby room....and so on. It is a light hearted 'fun' idea, which just might get a few people to think about it and try it. What is as important is that it would get the press, social media and some of the public, talking about it. OK, some people will treat it as a joke, but it might start some people thinking too. There will be a simple feed-back mechanism to help us gauge the outcome.

  •   Get Involved

    1. Volunteer

    The campaign is currently 'live' and the web site is available at http://benakedday.info/ . BN members can find out more about the background to the campaign and how to get involved through the members' forum: http://www.bn.org.uk/community/forums/topic/16070-national-bn-day/.

    2. Spread the word

    Please spread the word to family, friends and colleagues. Please use Facebook, Twitter and any other social media to create a buzz.


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