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  • Walking With John Gelder In The Eastern Region



    In the article below, John Gelder talks about walking as a Naturist in the Eastern Region.

    John is our Eastern Region Walks Coordinator. John is an experienced walker and is planning a program of walking events for next year.

    John is open and Friendly and welcomes new or experienced walkers to his events.

    If you would like to join with John on one of his walks you can contact him at easternwalks@bn.org.uk



    Eastern Region Naked Walking

    Why Naked Walks?

    Many people enjoy walking, whether by themselves, with friends or family. It’s lovely to see the wonderful countryside and enjoy the open and natural environment. It’s also good for our health! As naturists, perhaps you’ve had the thought of doing it naked? If so, it can be quite a challenge to have the confidence to do it by yourself. Joining a naturist group walk removes some of those concerns and enables you to enjoy the social nudity associated with a naturist walk, in a safe environment with others. We provide all walkers with information, advice and guidance on what to expect and are happy to answer your questions.

    One of the questions often asked is have we ever encountered any difficulties with members of the public who don’t agree with what we are doing? No, never! We do cover up in certain circumstances and have the back-up of the recent College of Policing Guidance that confirms it is perfectly legal for naturists to be naked in public.

    Naturism is a wonderful lifestyle – you wouldn’t be reading this if you thought otherwise – but we all need to do what we can to promote and encourage the normalisation and acceptance of public nudity by others and naked walking is one way of doing this. It may even encourage others or give them the confidence to join us!

    Thinking of organising your own naturist group walk?

    If you have experience of planning local walks through open countryside; perhaps for yourself, family or friends; have you ever thought it would be good to organise one for naturists? Perhaps you have but never got around to it or were unsure how to approach it, then why not get in touch and perhaps join us on a forthcoming recce? You will have the opportunity to see how we organise them, talk to the walk leader and walk coordinator.

    BN Eastern Region Walks Coordinator

    The BN Eastern Regional Committee has recently appointed John Gelder as its Walks Coordinator. He is a member of BN and an experienced walk leader and coordinator. He currently coordinates our walks in the Milton Keynes/Beds/Bucks/Herts border area of the region and lives in Chesham.

    John’s role is to encourage others in the region to organise local naturist walks; provide information, advice and guidance to walk leaders/coordinators and to sign off walks on behalf of the BN Eastern Region. This is to ensure that walks undertaken in the name of BN meet some basic criteria to ensure they are safe and comply with BN’s public liability insurance requirements.

    John is currently preparing further information and guidance for those thinking of leading/coordinating naturist walks and is very happy to talk with BN Members in the region who would like to organise local naturist walks. He can be contacted via email: easternwalks@bn.org.uk or through his profile page on the BN website.

    As we move into winter, this is the perfect time to be planning your walks for next year; a recce does not need to be done naked if the weather is too cold …. although John did recce a walk naked in February this year – on the hottest February day since records began. He also did a recce when Storm Eric hit the UK earlier in the year (fully clothed on this occasion!).

    Why not plan a walk for World Naked Hiking Day, held annually on the 21 June, the day of the summer solstice? A day when outdoor enthusiasts everywhere celebrate the longest day of the year in their birthday suit.

    By John Gelder


    Photo of walkers has had permissions given by all subjects for inclusion in BN  communications.



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