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  • Legal Guide - Children and Photography By Guest

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    Legal Guide - Children and Photography Photography of naked people, including children is Lawful.   The Law is very specific in terms of what constitutes an “indecent image” but frequently police officers have used part of Category C which covers “other” i.e. anything else they are not sure about, to decide that family Naturist photographs which include children without clothes fall into this category. This is an error - only a jury can finally make this decision.   If any m
  • BN 222 Winter 2019 By Guest

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    BN 222 Winter 2019 British Naturism members will soon be receiving their copy of BN222, the Winter 2019 issue of our members magazine. It’s an extended issue so that we could fit everything in…read about Our new relationship with the British Heart Foundation and in particular the Naked Heart Walk The huge amount and variety of events planned for 2020 Health and well-being via naked runs and naked yoga classes Updates from our campaigns including Women in Naturism
  • Legal Guides - Public Place Naturism By Guest

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    There are three legal guides; one for Scotland, one for England and Wales and one for Northern Ireland. Please ensure that you download the correct version. Here in the UK we are lucky enough to have a legal system that we believe can be relied upon to maintain order and to support us in times of need. We have confidence in the police, the Crown Prosecution Service and the Judiciary to act impartially and that their processes operate in a fair, consistent and transparent manner. Howeve
  • BN Children Deserve Better Report 2016 By Guest

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    British Naturism is the national organisation for Naturists in the UK, with over 9000 active members, and representing the interests of almost 4 million Naturists nationwide. We share a philosophical belief in a natural naked lifestyle, in harmony with nature, with their counterparts all over the world. We believe that children should be brought up and kept safe in an environment of openness and body honesty. They should know about how their bodies work, what happens to them at puberty and

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      Just had a quick look through looking really good, look forward to sitting down and reading the hardcopy when it arrives. 😀
    • Guest
      Totally new to this, joined BN and looking forward to experiencing the natural persona of sharing time with fellow naturists. Walked down Brighton beach, swam, and led the without clothes, and just loved it, my one time experience. 
    • Guest
      OK Pat I'll do that and by post so that can include the 7 pages I have just printed, all of which have failed to register so that the reverse side is accurately within the trim lines. Some people may have better printers, software and skills to do it but for me using a budget home inkjet and despite my graphic design skills i  have found it impossible. tomorrow I will take the PDF to a print bureau and see if they can do it.
    • Guest
      Maybe you should send your suggestion direct to HO
    • Guest
      IMO all Naturists should ideally have a copy of the legal guides to hand. Escpecially if they are out 'in the field' so to speak practicing their lifestyle - for example on a naked hike, skinny dipping or even just in their garden. A challenge from a disgruntled objector can come when you're not expecting it, so it's best to be prepared. Even for me, as a retired graphic designer, I have found the printing, trimming and folding of the legal guide dificult. So I fully expect others might fin
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