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  • Legal Guides - Public Place Naturism By Guest

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    There are three legal guides; one for Scotland, one for England and Wales and one for Northern Ireland. Please ensure that you download the correct version. Here in the UK we are lucky enough to have a legal system that we believe can be relied upon to maintain order and to support us in times of need. We have confidence in the police, the Crown Prosecution Service and the Judiciary to act impartially and that their processes operate in a fair, consistent and transparent manner. However this is not always the case when it comes to Naturism in public places. There are times when public nudity seems to be condoned or even positively supported by the police, such as during the World Naked Bike Ride events, and others when people are presumed to be breaking the law and arrested for no other reason than that they are naked in a public place. "All too often we see innocent Naturists falling foul of the law, not because of their actions, but because of confusion within the law and a lack of understanding by the police and CPS" - Malcolm Boura, Campaigns Director. Here at British Naturism we not only campaign to change and improve the law with regard to Naturism in public places, but are also working to help educate the police and magistrates with regard to the law, to try and overcome the presumption that public nudity is inherently illegal and those who practice it are inevitably up to no good. We do this both through proactive engagement with all branches of the legal system - including Parliament - as well as by providing legal advice and support to our members. You may also be interested in legal guidance on Nudity in Public which has been produced by the Crown Prosecution Service following representations from British Naturism and others. Please donate to support this work British Naturism is an organisation run by volunteers with a small paid staff and we rely on income from members subscriptions to be able to do our work – on behalf of all Naturists. We’ve prepared this Legal Guidance for everyone and it is free to download from the button above, but please consider making a donation to our legal fund to help us defray the cost of producing it, we suggest a minimum of £2. If you are not a member of BN, please consider joining us, it only costs the equivalent of a few pounds a month but the support and help it gives us is invaluable. Donate Here
  • BN Children Deserve Better Report 2016 By Guest

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    British Naturism is the national organisation for Naturists in the UK, with over 9000 active members, and representing the interests of almost 4 million Naturists nationwide. We share a philosophical belief in a natural naked lifestyle, in harmony with nature, with their counterparts all over the world. We believe that children should be brought up and kept safe in an environment of openness and body honesty. They should know about how their bodies work, what happens to them at puberty and what a normal consensual sexual relationship is, before they experience it as adults. This should be done ideally by bringing up children in a Naturist environment where body honesty is key, but otherwise through good, explicit, factually correct and non-judgemental sex and relationships education through the prime educators: parents, teachers and organisations like the BBC. Bringing children up in such an environment, with wholesome, honest and open body attitudes leads to better sexual health outcomes for young people, fewer body image disorders, and more sensible attitudes to life. Prudery, not openness or nudity, harms children. We want children to be innocent, but not ignorant. We believe that body openness and honesty protects children from the possible harmful effects of inappropriate material. They should find out about sex and how their bodies work from good education and openness instead of glamour and pornography. Children are naturally curious and if their curiosity is not answered openly then they will seek answers anywhere they can. Blocking will not prevent them as they can usually circumvent it with a facility that adults may not believe possible. There is objective evidence that those beliefs are well founded, unlike some other beliefs. British Naturism’s Children Deserve Better, 2016 report sets out our views using evidence from sound academic sources rather than prejudice or sound bites – as such it makes essential reading for anyone concerned with the welfare of children and/or internet censorship. It addresses the issues and analyses the reasons why it has proved so difficult for the UK to adopt the policies that are known to work. The report is both critical of the failures of the past to follow best practice and optimistic for the future. It explains how, with very little expenditure or effort, the well-being of children could be greatly improved. It is just necessary to follow the evidence instead of myth. We are confident that significant advances could be made quite quickly but there is considerable social inertia to overcome - it would be a generational project. We must address the body-attitudes which result in the UK being amongst the poorest performers in the western world. It can be done and the time to start is now. It is long overdue that “Think of the children” really did mean “think” instead of it being a slogan to stifle debate and hinder progress. It is long overdue that policy was firmly evidence based; rigorous, objective evidence instead of myth and misconceptions. It is long overdue that “Putting children first” really did mean that the welfare of children took precedence over adult myths, dislikes, and embarrassment. Malcolm Boura, British Naturism’s Campaigns Director said:  
  • Legal Guide - Children and Photography By Guest

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    Legal Guide - Children and Photography Photography of naked people, including children is Lawful.   The Law is very specific in terms of what constitutes an “indecent image” but frequently police officers have used part of Category C which covers “other” i.e. anything else they are not sure about, to decide that family Naturist photographs which include children without clothes fall into this category. This is an error - only a jury can finally make this decision.   If any member is arrested or questioned about photographs in their possession, and is confident that these are simply Naturist photos of family/friends, taken in private houses/gardens or in public at a Naturist event or resort, please refer to the guide.
  • BN 220 Summer 2019 By Guest

    Our Summer issue is now out… Highlights include: A round up of recent events including our record-breaking roller-coaster ride in Blackpool, National swimming gala, ‘Kiss and Tell’ and Royal Academy museum visits and our canal trip Women in Naturism - Leann swims for charity and Jooles and her team prepare to row the Atlantic naked A review of Channel 4’s Naked Beach An introduction to our new Families Officer Shân Three adult Naturists tell their stories of growing up with Naturist parents Two travel sections - Southern Europe with holiday reports from Greece, Lanzarote, and Italy, and the UK with features on some of the great places for a ‘staycation’ … plus a packed news section, a huge guide to events yet to come and comprehensive listings of clubs, swims and other places. We’ve also made some changes to the print version - and it’s looking smarter than ever! Definitely one to leave on the coffee table… BN Magazine is available to members only and issued four times a year as part of the annual subscription. If you are not a member, you can join us and get your own copy through the post and as a download and many other benefits.

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      The "What is Naturism" leaflet is out of date and no longer published. It has been replaced with:- https://www.bn.org.uk/store/product/247-your-guide-to-naturism-in-2019/  
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      Horses for courses? I see two main functions for BN's literature covering the legality of naturism - in defence, if naturists are confronted by members of the public or the authorities, and in educating members of the public about naturism with the possibility of them trying it for themselves. I endeavour to always carry with me copies of BN's 'What is Naturism' leaflet, the BN Legal Guides and the College of Policing document, to fulfill both of these functions. Based upon my limited experience of the responses of the public during encounters (none of which have been antigonistic) I have arrived at the following thoughts:- The 'What is Naturism' leafllet does not, I think, provide strong enough reassurance to a non-naturist member of the public that naturism is lawful - the leaflet not having caught up with the excellent work recently done by BN with the authorities - the existing statement is not prominent, being secreted away on the reverse side and in white text on a light blue background. The legal guides are good for the defensive function in respect of the authorities. But I think they are too overwhelming with the amount of information for the public to quickly assimilate, either for the naturist to be able to quickly defuse a situation or to easily encourage the public that it's OK to participate in naturism. I also sympathise with nugold's comment re them being a potential source of ammunition for members of the public with strong anti-naturism views. The College of Policing document is similarly too overwhelming to assimilate quickly and it does not print well in black & white. The result of these thoughts is that each document, on its own, is, or was, the right horse for the right course. BUT, I would like to suggest that we could really do with a new issue of the 'What is Naturism' leaflet which, following the aforementioned good work by BN, more prominently incorporates the 'nubs' of both the legal guides and the College of Policing document, so that we have one simple document, which can be quickly assimilated, by the public, to fulfill both functions of defence and encouragement to participate, and which would therefore be a single first choice to call upon (instead of faffing about through three different documents to convey one's message). The overwhelming content of the legal guides and hence the potential ammunition, could then be kept confidential from the public and limited to be used in reserve as our last resort for serious confrontation with authorities. If we're going to 'get out there' and make good use of BN's recent work , with a new found confidence in public, then we need something more compact and 'snappier' for interfacing with the public.
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      I've stopped carrying the leaflet around with me when naturist hiking anyway, after reading the suggestion that it gives any anti-naturist person information about how to make life as difficult as possible for any naturist they encounter by, for example, claiming that they had been "alarmed". I have never had an encounter with a hostile person. On the rare occasions when I have met others, I normally cover up and people either ignore it, or make friendly comments. I do carry my BN membership card and, if I do encounter a hostile person in the future, I shall simply say that the law does not regard passive naturism as illegal, and that current police guidance is to take "no action". 
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      Originally set up by Malcolm. It was printed and circulated.
      It followed our initiative that we wanted to have something 'on the spot' to prevent arrests. We saw that ignorance was part of the problem. Officers would arrest and take people down to the station, and then start finding out the law. Strategy was (and remains) to prevent interventions and arrests, currently by removing the ignorance by providing information via smartphones.
      I would agree that the content was overblown and too great to fit onto a credit card piece of paper. People carry these sized cards commonly so it was a great idea to make the data fit  this size but a difficulty exists that computer printers generally print only A4. It is a real challenge to typeset but it gives portability. We have simply adapted it to the present day situation and not rewritten it. Generally we don't want to be involved in reinventing the wheel, so the pattern and main content remained. As more people routinely use smartphones, the paper guidance will become obsolete.
      The policing web page still needs to be updated to show officers from each of the UK Countries their own guidance. The paper versions are available for the time being.
      Guidance is split at the moment:
        To the Police from their own website(s)/regions. Members can also access it and display it if necessary.
        To Members themselves with a summary of rights and suggested conduct to remain within the law - can also be displayed to officials & legal representatives.
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      I'm not really sure why this document has to have such a complicated layout.  Are we all suddenly incapable of folding a piece of paper?

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